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About us


School6base is a News Portal/school/information driven portal with the aim to bring you real stories about people and doplaces from all around the world in a well - balanced do manner. Our goal is to make people from over the globe recognize, relate with happenings from around the world. Their real story, trails and adventures becomes a cause for information.   

School6base Nigeria Limited, Do Not Demand Or Accept Gift Or Gratification To Post Or Publish Article Graphics. Therefore , We Implore You Not To Offer Any Gift To UsIn Case Any Of Our service Demand OrIf You Have A Complaint, Please Send To Us ViaEmail:-school6base@ gmail.com Or 2348038792840       

        -OUR BELIEVE - 

We School6base Nation Wide Believe That A System Of Self Regulation, Under An Independent Body Would Best Serve The Principles If Factual, Balanced And Fair Reporting And Commentary The Interest Of The Profession And Society. -Our working- Our working dedicated staff writing news and going around the state and country to get news and uploads the website School6base continuously throughout the day, and would focus on issues, topics and events that have to do with the generality of the world. Also Education, Entrepreneurs, Governance, News in its varieties, Technology, Editorials, opinions and many more would all be brought to you on a daily basis. And We however advise that you do not post libelous, discriminatory, defamatory, inflammatory, obscene, pornographic and other unlawful materials which may violate the law.We make efforts to review posted comments and may also keep out questionable or unrelated submissions. Please note that submitting your comments gives us the right but not the obligation to publish, edit, air, reproduce, use, license, print, distribute, exhibit or otherwise re-use your comment(s) and accompanying personal identifying information via all forms of media now known or hereafter devised as is now known or here after crafted and recognized by Ologunde Paul Oseyemi (OPO) Aka Finesix Works on the site are fully edited by the School6base Editors called Ologunde Paul Oseyemi Aka Finesix. Comments and reservations should be directed to the team

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School6base win can win
Student/Workers And BusinessPersonel Should Earn Money WithThis Sign Up Today Click Here